Casgab Software and Services Inc. is your consulting company for small business and game development studio.
We provide the following services to establish, change, operate, and manage your business processes:

Business Process Management

Whether you’re a small business or game developer, getting your processes right is essential to have the time required to focus on what matters: your games!

  • Audit existing processes
  • Identify gaps and loopholes
  • Develop & improve processes
  • Develop & integrate process automation

Project Management

You want your projects done with speed and precision. We’ll help you build something that works and help you integrate your change with your existing processes.

  • Project prioritization
  • Project planning
  • Purchases and tenders
  • Project execution
  • Waterfall and agile approaches

Custom Software & Services

We help customize or develop your tools to automate your business processes. Even on a small scale, automation makes a huge difference in the time required for daily tasks and operations, versus the time you can develop your game and business.

Casgab offers long-term experience in processes relevant for small companies producing or dealing with online PC games.

Recruiting & Team Management

Need to grow your company, establish new teams, and want to utilize the benefits of virtual teams in the global digital world?

We help you find the right people and assist you to establish and efficiently operate your local or virtual teams, especially regarding operations and customer support.

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